About Natural Supplies Ltd

Natural Supplies is UK & Europe's largest Diatomaceous Earth distributors, with a fulfilment Warehouse capable of handling up to 2 Mega tonnes per order with over 25 years of experience our company is committed to using its experience to source only the purest natural organic minerals to develop products that satisfy the ever changing needs of our customers.

Our products are only manufactured using the highest quality natural ingredients. We specialize in Diatomaceous Earth offering grades for Human supplement use, agricultural/livestock use, filtration, food storage and much more.                     



At Natural Supplies we care about health and well being & as a whole company quality is what we strive for & we want you to feel confident in out products.

We have an opportunity to provide products to make people's lives easier, healthier, and better. We noticed that there was only a handful of companies that sold DE, selling it on a small scale, typically in plastic bags, without labels, and sometimes with poor results. We saw that many people were eager to try using DE, but struggled to find a positive buying experience or reliable source.

We do this by sourcing & using only the highest quality natural ingredients within our products, from our vegan Diatomaceous Earth silica supplements to our range of external natural beauty products we only use the highest quality natural ingredients.