What are the differences between the grades?

There are 3 different types of Diatomaceous Earth that we sell, it is important to know that all the Diatom that we sell is food grade

  • The first is DiatomPure® Human, People are using DiatomPure® Human themselves for its abundant silica content. Our DiatomPure® Human differs from the DiatomPure® Animal and Pest grade, as it contains less imperfections and is a lot finer to help consumption.
  • The second is DiatomPure® Animal, this product is milled to animal feed quality and is approved as a feed additive for animals and livestock.
  • The third is DiatomPest®, this product can be used in a wide range of locations to help eliminate insects such as ants, aphids, flea beetles, fleas, earwigs, sow bugs, mange mites, flies, and ticks.

What colour is your Diatomaceous Earth?

The colour of our Diatomaceous Earth will vary depending on which DiatomPure® product you have purchased. The exact colour will vary because it is a natural product and we don’t use artificial methods such as bleach whitening to alter the colour

  • If you have purchased DiatomPure® Human, your Diatom will be a white/cream colour.
  • If you have purchased DiatomPure® Animal, your Diatom will again be a white/cream colour.
  • If you have purchased DiatomPure® Pest, your Diatom will be a light brown colour.

Should I be worried about crystalline Silica?

All our DE is amorphous and has been checked to ensure it contains less than 0.1% crystalline silica in our DiatomPure® range and less than 0.5% in our DiatomPest® range.

Is Diatom safe to have around my family and pets?

Our DiatomPure® & DiatomPest® ranges are 100% safe the particles are so small, they cause no harm to people and pets. Just like any other dust it is not advisable to inhale it or get it in your eyes so we recommend using a dust mask from our accessories page. It is a simple mineral, Silica.

How can something that kills pests not be harmful to myself or my pets?

Diatomaceous Earth kills insects in a physical manner, not by chemical means. To insects DE is a dust with microscopic razor sharp edges. The dust gets into contact with the insects body and the sharp edges cut through the insect's waxy covering causing them to perish from dehydration. The small size of the particles are non-harmful to porous skin of humans and animals

How should I apply my Diatom to my pets to get rid of fleas?

If your pet has fleas, you should cover and fluff its coat with a light layer of DiatomPure® or DiatomPest®. This will not cause the animal any harm. It is also very important to apply DE to the environment around your pet, such as where they sleep and the rooms that they live in. They will also carry it around to their favourite habitats!

Is Diatom good for my smallholding or farm?

YES! Diatom is high in Silica, Absorbent, Porous, Long Lasting, Environmentally Friendly, pH Neutral, Sterilised, Natural and Reusable, all factors necessary for health plants, while still being cost effective for the grower

Can I give Diatom to my Livestock? If so how will it help?

Our DiatomPure Animal® As a feed additive for livestock, birds and pets (it has been reported to eliminate parasites, and provide trace minerals to the system, reduce odours, remove harmful bacteria from the upper intestinal tract, reduce fly hatch, and chewing fence posts). It is also a very good soil conditioner

Suggested feeding instructions?

  • Cats: 1 teaspoon
  • Dogs under 50lbs: 2 teaspoons
  • Dogs over 50lbs: 1 tablespoon
  • Dogs over 100lbs: 2 tablespoons
  • Cattle: 2% of weight of dry ration
  • Calves: 4 grams in the morning
  • Dairy cattle: 2% of by weight of dry ration
  • Chickens; 5% in feed
  • Hogs: 2% of weight in feed ration
  • Horses: 1 cup in daily ration
  • Sheep: 1% in ground grain
  • Goats: 1% in ground grain

What is the shelf life of Diatom?

Diatomaceous earth is millions of years old and will not expire, however it is very absorbent and should be kept dry.

Do we ship worldwide?

We ship to 90% of the world, if you have any questions  regarding please do not hesitate to contact us