Bentonite Clay Indian Healing Mask 500g | Nutrient Rich Clay Face Masks | Deep Pore Cleansing Indian Healing Clay Mask Aztec Secret | 100 % Pure Clay For Rejuvenation And Healing Of The Skin

Bentonite Clay 500g also known as Indian healing clay. Aztec Indian healing clay has been used for years in the beauty industry for its unique ability to draw impurities from the skin Bentonite clay is used on skin to help acne, for clay baths, to soak up toxins, foot masks, body wraps, helps to cool and sooth insect bits, face masks.

A face mask which can be made from mixing the powder with water to a required consistency and applying to the skin.

Directions: apply an even coat of paste to the face and leave to dry for 15-20 min. (For more sensitive skin: 5-10 mins) you will start to feel a pulling and tightening sensation.

Once the time is up wash face with warm water removing all the clay you can also add Bentonite clay powder to a hot bath to detoxify skin on the body.

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